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Electric car charging station for charge EV battery. Plug for vehicle with electric engine

Connect your Station

See below our guides on how to connect various OEM Charging Stations to the Charge Hub Software

Guides to Connecting Stations

This section is for Charge Station Owners and Electrical Installers, who would like a quick instruction guide on how to connect their EV Charging Station/s to the Charge Hub Software.

List of connected EV Station OEMs

See here a list of previously successfully connected EV Charging Station OEMs (Manufacturers) to our platform, so far to date:

Specific OEM Connection Details

Charge Station Owner (CSO) Service Agreement

Are you ready to connect your Charging Stations to the Charge Hub Software?  Fantastic!  See here a link to our CSO Service Agreement:

Charge Hub Electric-Vehicle-Parking-Only-While-Charging sign

Order Charge Hub 'EV Parking only while charging' Signs

Order your Charge Hub 'EV Parking while charging' signs directly from the supplier here:

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