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EV Charging Etiquette

A guideline of expected behaviours when using an EV Charging Station:

Above all, please consider other EV Drivers that may also wish to use the same charging station.  Here are a few recommended etiquette rules as guidance:

Don't be a hog.  Don't occupy the parking bay if you don't need to charge, or are a non-EV.  EV Parking bays should used by electric vehicles only whilst charging.  They are not there for lazy EV (or non-EV) owners that would like a convenient parking spot.

Keep between the lines.  Don't park across other charging bays with trailers or on an angle so that your charging cable will reach from the Station to the port on your vehicle.  If you need to do this, then stay with your vehicle whilst charging. 

No pretenders.  Don't pretend to charge.  We can monitor, record and report EVs' that plug in and don't initiate a charging session. 

80% max.  Before charging, please set your vehicle to charge to and stop at 80% battery capacity.  Charging fully to 100% is mostly unnecessary and time consuming on a Public accessible or a shared Station.

Set a Timer.  If you are not going to remain with the vehicle, then set a timer on your mobile, or via the Charge Hub App, to alert you close to the parking or charging time limit. 

Don't Overstay.  Don't overstay past your expected charging time.  Also, please note whether the Station that you are plugged in to has implemented Idol Fees, where you will incur an additional cost once your vehicle has reached its limit.

Leave a number.  If you are not going to remain with the vehicle, and the Station appears to be popular, then leave a mobile number in your car window, so that other EV Drivers can contact you in case of an emergency, or a polite request to move.

Possible Reduced Output.  Please note that a good majority of the Charging Stations may be set up with a Load Management system to manage any site or grid electrical capacity limitations during certain busy times of the day.  If you don't receive the full kW charge anticipated during a session, then this could be the reason why.  We will try to communicate these time-of-day based limits in the Location Information notes on the App.

Be Gentle.  The Charging Station is designed to operate perfectly with minimal force.  If it is not responding to you, then please call Charge Hub on the below number.  There may be a simple reason that we could assist you to navigate.

Keep it tidy.  Please wrap any cables connected to the station, and put the plug back securely into the holder on or beside the Station for the next user, and to keep them off the ground.

Report any Issues.  Please report any damage to the Station or cables, or operational issues, to Charge Hub as soon as possible.

Please send us any feedback, via the App or

Have a Great Day!

24/7 Support: AUS 1300 986 767 or NZ 0800 608 138

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