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Kempower Movable Charger

Transportable, stand-alone fast charger
on wheels – best in class!

Full charging power, on wheels

Kempower Movable Charger is connected to a 32 A, or 63 A socket for full power. It offers 40 kW of charging power for one, or 20 kW for two fast charging outlets simultaneously. Both CCS2 and CHAdeMO charging methods are supported. The charger can be equipped with one or two DC charging outlets, and an optional AC outlet. Kempower Movable Charger is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen and RFID reader.  Can connect to the Charge Hub Backend OCPP Network, for Driver visibility and payment.  The charging session can also be followed on a mobile phone.

Manufactured in Finland

Note: Charge Hub are a direct Sales Partner with Kempower, Finland. Not just a Reseller.

Key benefits

Plug & Play

Easy to commission and to use! Connect input cable to 63 A or 32 A socket and start charging.


EV fast charger on wheels Can be transported (e.g. in the back of a van or a truck) Can operate in any desired location. Charger wheels can be removed for fixed installation.


Made for heavy-duty fast charging in challenging locations. Can charge all types of EVs like electric boats, mining vehicles, buses, trucks and more.

Technical Specification


  • AC Power Connection: 3~, 380...480 V (+/-10%)

  • Nominal Input Current: 63 Amps

  • Input Frequency: 50...60 Hz

  • Power Factor (@ full load): 0.94

  • Efficiency: 94% @ nominal output power


  • Maximum Output Power: 40 kW (or 2x20 kW in simultaneous dual charging)

  • Maximum output current (@ 500 V): 125A

  • Output voltage range with 500 V module: 150...500 V (max 580 V DC @ 400VAC)

  • Maximum output current (@ 800 V): 60A

  • Output voltage range with 800 V module: 200...800 V (max 920 V DC @ 400VAC)


  • Charging Cable Length: 5m

  • Charging Connection Type: CCS1 or CCS2, CHAdeMO

  • Protection Class: IP54

  • Operation Ambient Temperature: -30 ... +50 °C, over 40 °C according to IEC derating

  • Maximum Humidity: < 95% relative humidity

  • Cooling: Forced air (fan)

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 640 x 670 x 1220 mm

  • Weight (without cables): * 122 kg

  • Weight (with cables):  Approx. * 135 kg

  • User interface: "1/0" (ON/OFF) switch, two function buttons, 7" touch screen, RFID reader

  • OCPP - Can connect to the Charge Hub Backend for authentication and payment options.

  • Wireless Connection Specification: 4G/LTE modem, Wi-Fi, FDD: DD800 / 900 / 1800 /2100 / 2600, UMTS: 900 / 2100, GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900


  • 26 months from the date of purchase. Can be extended to 5 Years.

Lead Time:

  • If we don't already hold the right unit in stock, then allow for approx.: 6 weeks EXW from Order, plus 10 days for Airfreight or 60 days for Sea Freight.

Kempower T Series
Kempower T Series

Enhanced customer experience with ChargEye


  • Monitor the overview of the Kempower Station on your charging network 24/7.

  • Let ChargEye manage site power and distribution independently.

  • Get insights about vehicle models visiting your chargers.

  • See reports of charging behaviour. Integrate to the Charge Hub software/backend.  

  • Show real-time charging information, pricing, and cost to drivers. 

  • Choose which languages are available. 

  • Enable accurate charging status and estimates for drivers on-the-go.

Kempower ChargEye


For more information on the Kempower Movable Charger:

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