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Kempower AC Satellite

S-Series AC charging satellite includes two Type 2 AC charging sockets and easy-to-use 7” touch screen display.

Advanced Satellite Charging System

The S-Series AC charging satellite extends Kempower’s wide DC charging offering.  Standalone and suitable for overnight charging, or locations with a 2 to 4 hour charging window.

Manufactured in Finland

Note: Charge Hub are a direct Sales Partner with Kempower, Finland. Not just a Reseller.

Key benefits

Easy to Use

Easy-to-use, intuitive user menu on a 7” touch screen display

Integrated kWh Meter

Integrated MID-approved Class B kWh meter

ChargEye Diagnostics

Kempower ChargEye provides remote connectivity with diagnostics and maintenance tools.

Technical Specification

Charging Socket:

  • 2 x Type 2 AC


  • 3 Phase, 400V (+/-) 10%

Maximum Current:

  • 2 x 32A

Charging Power at 400VAC

  • 22kW

Standby Power

  • 25W

Network Type:

  • TN-C-S


  • IP54, IK10, <95% relative humidity


  • Wi-Fi, Cellular, Ethernet, OCPP 1.6/2.0, Kempower ChargEye

Electrical Protections:

  • A+B type RCD Functionality.  Installation requires RCD/RCBO Type A installed at the Electrical Switchboard - IEC62955 and ASNZS3000..

Product Codes:

  • SAAS - 2  Type 2 AC

  • SAASC0 - 2 x Type 2 AC, unbranded


  • 26 months from the date of purchase. Can be extended to 5 Years.

Lead Time:

  • Please check to see if we have these units in stock.

Kempower S-Series Satellite


For more information on the Kempower AC Satellite:


Enhanced customer experience with ChargEye


  • Monitor the overview of the Kempower Stations on your charging network 24/7.

  • Let ChargEye manage site power and distribution independently.

  • Get insights about vehicle models visiting your chargers.

  • See reports of charging behaviour.

  • Integrate to the Charge Hub software/backend.  

  • Show real-time charging information, pricing, and cost to drivers. 

  • Choose which languages are available. 

  • Enable accurate charging status and estimates for drivers on-the-go.

Kempower ChargEye

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