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Driver Guide - How to use the App

Step-by-step Guide on how to start charging your EV on the Charge Hub App

If you are unsure on the process of how to start charging your EV via the Charge Hub App.  Then, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Screenshot Charge Hub App

Open the Charge Hub App on your mobile.  Logged into your set up Account. The plug your EV into the Station.

Screenshot_20240129_191228_Charge Hub.jpg

If your Station Location is still not in the center of your screen, then type in the Suburb into the 'find charger' search. 

Screenshot_20240129_191411_Charge Hub.jpg

This screen shows the Location, address, available Stations at the Location, and distance to the Location.

Screenshot_20240129_191411_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on the charging point icon (in this case a Type 2 socket image), or on the 'Charge Here' button.


Once your vehicle starts charging, then this screen will appear.  Note that you can set a departure time, as a handy reminder.

Screenshot_20240129_200248_Charge Hub.jpg

This message means that the Location is set up for Private use only.  The Station is not open for the General Public.  Click on 'I'.

Screenshot_20240129_191116_Charge Hub.jpg

Note that you do not have to connect the App to your vehicle for it to work.  You should see a map on your screen, like above.

Screenshot_20240129_191216_Charge Hub.jpg

The Green flag icons represent the Station Locations. If your search doesn't reveal any, then wider the map view.

Screenshot_20240129_191422_Charge Hub.jpg

If you click on the 'I' indicator next to the purple 'Charge here' button, you will see any relevant site information.

Screenshot_20240129_191452_Charge Hub.jpg

Once you click on the icon, you will see a list of Connectors available on site.  Take note of the one that you have plugged into.  The ID is the lighter font number on the screen view - starting with 'AU*CHB'.  Click on the ID.

Screenshot_20240129_200201_Charge Hub.jpg

If your screen is still not showing Locations or Stations, then click on the funnel icon on the front screen and check your filter settings.  Click reset all.

Screenshot_20240129_200841_Charge Hub.jpg

Occasionally, you may note that price per charge doesn't appear under the connector ID.  Click on 'Price details'. 

Screenshot_20240129_190850_Charge Hub.jpg

To locate your Station, the easiest way is to tap the target icon on the screen and/or ensure that 'Share my Location' is turned on in settings.

Screenshot_20240129_191338_Charge Hub.jpg

You will see in the example image, the Station Location is on near the centre of the  city search. Click on the green icon (flag).

Screenshot_20240129_191432_Charge Hub.jpg

If you click on the three dots, on the bottom left, then you can get directions to the Location.

Screenshot_20240129_191504_Charge Hub.jpg

Once you click on the correct ID (connector number), then the 'Swipe to Start' will darken.  Move the white circle with the lightning icon from left to right with your thumb.  This will start your charge.

Screenshot_20240129_200239_Charge Hub.jpg

Note that some Locations may show 'Use RFID Card' at the bottom of the screen.  These are private.  Click on to see.

Screenshot_20240129_200848_Charge Hub.jpg

This will display the full pricing information.  Usually these Stations include idle or parking fees.

Driver FAQs

Q - The App won't connect to my vehicle.

A - Note that currently we only connect to Tesla, BMW, VW and Audi.  More will be available soon.

Q - I can not see any Stations (flags) on the App Map.

A - Check your filters in the App.  You may accidently switched off or limited your view of the Stations.


Q - Why do some Stations show that they can only be operated with an RFID card, and not via the App?

A - These Stations will be for private (non Public) use, like for a Council.  Check the Site Information 'i'.  

Q - Why doesn't the vehicle just start charging once I plug it in?

A - Note that the App, vehicle and Station need to be synced for Plug n Charge. Which is natural for Tesla User.  Once your vehicle is synced, then Plug n Charge is available via Charge Hub.

Please contact us through the below form, if you have any further questions.

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