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Credit Card Terminals

Add a credit card payment terminal to any open OCPP EV Charging Hardware to offer Driver payment options.

Credit Card payment options

For Driver convenience, we have integrated our network with the Nayax payment solution.  A credit card payment terminal can be installed onto any EV Charging hardware that is connected to the Charge Hub Backend OCPP Network.  This feature allows EV Drivers to pay for charging sessions, without having to download our App and set up an Account.  Perfect for one-off Public charging transactions.

Integrating a Nayax Credit Card reader


  • Debit and Credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB.

  • Mobile and NFC Payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • The Nayax Onyx terminal offers just Contactless payments.

  • The Nayax VPOS Touch offers Contactless and Swipe options.

  • You, the Charge Station Owner, sets the costs per charge.

The concept:

  • The EV Driver parks at the EV Station and plugs in their vehicle.

  • The price per kWh that is required to charge will be displayed on the Nayax terminal screen.

  • The Driver taps their chosen credit card onto the Nayax terminal.

  • The terminal will check that the Driver's Card is valid with the banking merchant, then authorise (or decline) the transaction.

  • After authentication, the charging session will then start.

  • The Driver stops the charging session from inside their vehicle or from their vehicle OEM App.  Or the Charging Station, if this stop session feature is available.

  • Monies received will be reimbursed to the Charge Station Owner at the start of the month following, together with the reimbursement from Drivers who use the App. 

  • Note - No receipt or record of the transaction will be available to the Driver, other than from their credit card statement.  If a receipt or detailed record is required, for reimbursement, then they will need to use the Charge Hub App with a valid Account.

Must haves:

  • The Nayax terminal is fitted to the Charging Station by an approved Charge Hub installer.

  • The Charging Station must receive a good internet connection.  The terminal comes with a built-in SIM card for 4G.  An ethernet port is available, if required.

  • The Charging Station must be connected to the Charge Hub backend software.  Since the station is open to Public Charging, then a Charge Hub Public Software License will also be required.

  • Stations can not be set up with just a Nayax terminal, and not be also connected to the Charge Hub backend.


  • The Nayax Onyx terminal is AUD$935 + GST each, fitted.

  • The Nayax VPOS Touch terminal is AUD$985 + GST each, fitted.

  • Ongoing subscription costs are AUD$19.50 + GST per month per terminal

Onyx Terminal
VPOS Touch Terminal


For more information on the Nayax Terminals:

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