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Charge Hub Software

OCPP Backend Software, for managing Load Management and Payment Solutions, scalable to multiple EV Stations and Drivers

 Intelligent Charging, realised

Intelligent, smart charging, at it's very best.  Providing integration between the EV Charging hardware, Charge Station Owner, electrical network, and Driver's vehicle (and calendar), to provide the ultimate charging experience.  The Charge Hub platform ensures security, reliability and scalability, with an unprecedented up-time availability of 99.9%.

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Importance of an RFID Card/Token

As an EV Network, Charge Hub operates as both a CPO (Charge Point Operator) and eMSP (eMobility Service Provider).  Where a Charge Point Operator (CPO) is responsible to operate, make available, maintain authorisation rules, and monetise a pool of charging points, on behalf of contracted Charge Station Owners (CSO).  An e-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) manages the EV Driver side, through registration, payment management, and connects them to available charging station (via the App, Plugshare and any connected mapping provider).  Accessible stations could be from the (Charge Hub) CPO or any connected third party charging networks via Roaming.  Through the (Hubject, Gireve, Roaming connection, a Charge Hub Account (and RFID Card) holder could charge on any interconnected charging station, anywhere around the world.


The majority of EV charging sessions globally are started and stopped using a charging key - a physical RFID card or tag.  Each RFID card contains a chip with an embedded UID (security code).  This UID is associated with an EMA-ID (the identifier printed on the RFID).  Together, the UID and EMA-ID form a Token which tells the CPO which eMSP's EV Driver is trying to charge, so that the CPO knows where to check whether the EV Driver has a valid payment method or contract and should therefore be allowed to charge at the station.

All physical tokens on the Charge Hub Platform also exist digitally (on the App), so that an EV Driver is able to start a charging session digitally via the App, or with the physical token.  The active session could also be stopped by either the App or RFID Card.

To get started, as a Driver, download the Charge Hub App (from your App Store - follow the link below) and enter your personal details and preferred payment method.  Instantly after registration, your Account will be registered with a Driver Account, with a digital EMA-ID.  Which will allow you to charge immediately, via the Charge Hub App.  You can then request an RFID Card from the App, or from the form above.  Your physical RFID Card will be posted out to you, within 24 hours - from Brisbane (or one of our closer Partners).  You will also be sent an email to your set up Charge Hub User Account.  This User Account will allow you to access your Account and charging history from our Driver Portal.

Drivers, please note, to reduce costs for all parties, we will normally collate all of your charging activity during each week and only bill your Account/credit card once per week, for the total amount used during that week.  Not after every session.

A note for Corporate or Fleet Managers, your collective Driver Accounts can be 'bundled' together and invoiced to one Account, monthly.  Get in Touch for more information.

Charge Hub Driver App

The Charge Hub App can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and offers the following functionalities:

  • Charging point search incl. navigation

  • Real-time availability of charging point status data: available, occupied, out of order, unknown

  • View the price that you will pay for utilising a Charging Station

  • Charging point details incl. reviews and feedback options

  • Start / Stop of charging sessions

  • Direct payment with credit card, PayPal

  • Manage RFID Cards

  • Integration of private (home/office) chargers

  • Session history

  • Connected Car integration (depending on EV capabilities).  Currently already integrated with Tesla, BMW, VW and Audi, with more OEM connections coming.

  • Calendar access for smart charging applications

  • Push notifications for session start-/stop.

Charge Hub App.png
Charge Hub Icon Round.png

Charge Hub Driver Portal

Once a Driver has a registered an Account on the Charge Hub App.  They will sent an email to set their Driver Portal User Account, for access to view historical charging sessions and manage Account details online.

Charge Station Owner (CSO) Management Function features

  • Join a network with access to over 350k+ EV Connectors and Users worldwide.

  • Charge Hub can connect to and manage any third-party OCPP compliant EV Charging hardware.

  • Flexible User Pricing, based on: 

    • Time spent charging, time of day, per kWh used, and idle time.

    • Fixed or dynamic real-time tariffs - the price charged is determined at the start of the session, end of the session, or dynamically throughout the session (required or smart charging).

    • Define different prices per different group for Users - i.e. free for staff, but open for the general Public to use.

  • Charging sessions billed as pay-as-you-go, or invoiced collectively at the end of the month.  Note that payments are automatic.

Annual Software License fee

An Annual Software Subscription on Charge Hub will cost approx.:

  • Public Access: Available to everyone and promoted via Plugshare @ $280 + GST per connector

  • Semi Public Access: Available to a defined Group of Users @ $180 + GST per connector

  • Private: Available to one or two Drivers only.  Mostly for monitoring @ $150 + GST per connector


Plus 10% of the charging revenue, to cover merchant fee costs.  Which will not be subtracted from the Charge Station Owner reimbursements, but be added on top of the costs (that you set up in the Charge Hub Portal), and paid for, in total, by the EV Drivers.

*Fees are paid at the start of the 12 month term, in advance. 

Customer satisfaction guarantee - cancel and switch to another platform at any time.

Charge Hub CSO Management Tools

A fully 'signed up' and subscribed CSO Manager will have full visibility and access, via the various Charge Hub Portals, to: 

  • CSO Station Portal - To be able to view and manage the prices that you would like to receive from charging sessions, and view past charging sessions and invoices.

  • CSO Subscription Portal - To be able to manage your ongoing subscription.

Talk to us about the benefits of the Charge Hub Software

  • Are you looking at connecting your existing EV Charging Station/s to Charge Hub?

  • Do you have questions and would like to speak with us?

Book a 30 Mins Zoom Meeting here: 

Nationwide coverage, across Australia and New Zealand.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

AUS: 1300 98 67 67

NZ: 0800 608 138

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