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NSW Destination Grant

Round 2

NSW Destination Grant Summary

NSW Destination Grant
  • Applications now open

  • Grant amounts: up to 75% of costs covered

  • Up to 4 x AC (7kw or 22kW) Charging Sockets, for eligible regional NSW businesses and councils.

  • Applications close: Friday 3 May 2024 at 5pm AEDT


NSW Government are investing a total $20 million to assist eligible NSW businesses and councils by co-funding the purchase and installation of EV Chargers.  Round 2 is for $10 million.

The NSW Government will fund up to 4 x EV charging ports (4 x Single or 2 x Double) per site:  

  • 75% towards the cost of an eligible 7 kW and/or 22 kW electric vehicle charger(s) 

  • 75% towards the cost of installation (capped at $3,000 per charging port)    

  • 75% towards the first year of an eligible annual EV charger software subscription.  

To be eligible, your site must be:  

  • located in an eligible regional NSW local government area (LGA)   

  • an approved destination type as listed in the guidelines 

  • be listed on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

  • have no more than 4 x existing EV charging ports installed.

Applying for the Grant - where to start

Recommended steps towards applying for a NSW Destination Grant:


  1.  Confirm your site eligibility criteria:

  • Read the Applicant handbook and confirm criteria of business type, LGA and commitments.

  • Confirm that you have a live ATDW listing for their proposed site.

  • An Applicant must be an organization with an Australian Business Number (ABN).

  • Notes:

    • Newcastle and Wollongong have been included as eligible local government areas (LGAs).

    • Sites that successfully installed or are installing co-funded EV charger(s) in Round 1 are not eligible to apply for co-funding for that same site in Round 2. 

    • Any co-funded EV chargers must be accessible to the visitors, guests, and customers of the site and not for private use by the applicant or their staff. 

  2.  Grant application notes:

  • Each Grant Application (site) must be submitted separately.

  • The Grant does not apply to:

    • EV chargers that have already been purchased and/or installed prior to submitting a grant application.

    • Ongoing costs to operate or maintain charger(s) including electricity.

  3.  Arrange for a Quote for the Installation:

  • Once you have confirmed your site eligibility, then the next step is to get an assessment of the available electrical capacity of your site and receive a quote for the installation of the EV Charging Stations.  For this step, we can either work with your own preferred Electrician, or organize one for you.

  • For this Grant, the EV Station recommended is the EVBox BusinessLine.  It is easy to install and commission, and comes with a built-in modem and SIM card with free data.  Contact us to be sent a presentation on the requirements of an installing an EVBox BusinessLine.

  • Note that the Grant will cover the costs of up to $3,000 per socket for the following items:

    • installation of EV charger(s) and associated electrical infrastructure including dedicated EV charging distribution boards, electrical circuits and required modifications to existing infrastructure

    • installation of data and communications equipment including data cabling and 4G modems

    • installation of metering equipment and Energy Management Systems (EMS)

    • civil works required to install the  EV chargers

    • spare charging cables, pedestals, bollards, wheel stops, bay painting and EV signage

    • reasonable freight and delivery of your approved EV charger(s).


  4.  Grant Application Submission:

  • Apply via the NSW Govt website.

  • Note that a third party (for example, a consultant or electrician) may assist an Applicant to prepare their grant application documentation prior to its submission. However, the final grant application submission must be made by an authorized representative from within the Applicant’s organization. This representative must be able to accept all grant requirements, declarations and enters into a funding agreement with the NSW Government.  For assistance to compile your Application, we recommend contacting Norm McPherson at Everybody Saving Energy - or Mob 0403 019 358

  5.  Grant Application Timelines:

  • To engage an Electrician to provide a quote for the installation, with assistance from Charge Hub - approx. 2 to 4 weeks.

  • To compile and submit your Application - approx. 1 to 2 weeks.​

  • To receive an Notification of Assessment from NSW Govt - within 8 weeks from submission.

  • The usual turnaround to ship the EV Stations and organize the installation - approx. 2 to 4 weeks.

  • The timeframe that NSW Govt allow for installation and submission of evidence - within 5 months 

  • To receive your Grant payment - within 4 weeks from evidence submission.


  6.  Evidence required to submit to require your Grant payment:

  • Tax invoice or receipt for EV chargers, installation, and software subscription (if selected)

  • Certificate of Compliance from a licensed electrician

  • NSW Government sticker placed on EV charger

  • Photos of final installation

  • EV charger location published on a public online map (Plugshare or Google Maps)

NSW Approved EV Hardware List

The NSW Government has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Council to create a list of approved AC electric vehicle (EV) chargers and EV charger software that is eligible for funding under the NSW Government co-funding programs. 

Applicants applying for Round 2 of the EV destination charging grants must select EV charger hardware from the NSW Government approved EV charger and software list.

Important Notes required to understand the NSW Government approved EV Charger List:

  • Power (kW) - A 7kW is a single phase, 32A station, a 22kW is a three phase, 32A station.

  • Charging Cable Type - AC stations come as either a socket or fixed 'tethered' cable.  A socket option is recommended for safety in Public accessible applications.  The EVBox BusinessLine comes in a socket version only.

  • Eligible software supported by EV charger - Please ignore this, as these are only the software applications that the EV Council has evaluated by invitation of the NSW Govt approx. one year ago.  See Software below.

  • Supplier Name - Ignore this, as it is somewhat misleading.  It is the Hardware that has been approved.  Naming the original submitter does not mean that only that company can supply that hardware.

Manufacturer & Model
NSW Govt Price (excl GST)
Part Number
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Sat, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Hub, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Sat, Single Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Hub, Single Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Sat, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Hub, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Sat, Single Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Hub, Single Socket

Table Notes:

  • The first EVBox BusinessLine station installed on site is a Hub.  This contains the modem and controller for all other Stations.  All other Stations installed on site are Satellites (Sat).   A Hub/Sat configuration will be able to share one SIM card and coordinate Load Management.

  • The NSW Govt Price includes the Combi Pole for the Double Stations and Wall Mounting Box for the Single Stations. 

  • Freight is additional.  Depending on location, allow for approx. $55 + GST per single station, and $110 + GST per double station.  Note that the freight cost can be added to the Installation quote for your Grant application.

NSW Approved EV Software List

Connecting OCPP Software to your EV Charging Stations is always recommended.  Specifically for the purposes of:

  • Remote monitoring and Driver support

  • Monitoring of and reporting on usage

  • Providing authentication, so that you know who is using your station/s

  • Providing a billing option, to recover costs of Drivers using your station/s

  • Hands-off management of optimum use of the Station.  No need for you or your staff to manage.

In Round 1 of the NSW Grant, sites were required to include EV charger software if they were purchasing 3 or more EV chargers and/or the site had more than 100 parking spaces. In round 2, this requirement has been removed. All sites now have the option to apply for EV charger software with co-funding available towards the first year of an EV charger software subscription per charge port, however this is not mandatory to use an approved software provider.

Charge Hub are now an Approved Supplier for Software.  The NSW Govt Approved Supplier list will be updated very soon. 

Normal Public Access subscription cost is $280 + GST per socket per annum.

Ready to get started:

Recommended steps forward:

  1. Engage your Electrician (or ours) to evaluate the location of your new EV Stations, the available onsite electrical capacity, and to receive a quotation from them for the required work.  See below our EVBox BusinessLine Installer Guide, to assist your Electrician to put together their Installation quotation.  Note - Be sure to include in the installation quotation - infrastructure, civil works, load management, any routers for extended Wi-Fi, bollards, bay painting, spare charging cables, freight of the EV Charging Stations from us to you.

  2. Get in Touch with us to send you a quotation for the EV Charging Hardware - i.e., 4 x Single Socket or 2 x Double Socket EVBox BusinessLine Stations.  

  3. Get in Touch with us to send you a quotation for the EV Charging Software, for User billing and remote management.  

  4. Submit both your Installation, Hardware and Software Quotation to the NSW Government - Submit here.

Aboriginal Art Cover Collection

EVBox BusinessLine Indigenous Cover

Charge Hub are very proud to be working with Everybody Saving Energy and Kristie Virgo to support our new Aboriginal art cover collection.

Artist - Kristie Virgo

Kristie is an interior designer with 25 years experience.  Working with colour and texture is her passion.  Kristie is a proud Wadawurrung woman currently living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Meet by the River (art on the cover in the image) is a bringing together of many people from many places to share and experience the joy of life and friendship.  Available in you company/region colours.

Meet by the River - Ivory, Rust, Olive,  Blush
Meet by the River - Grey, Beige, Black, White
Meet by the River - Muted Greens
Meet by the River - BRIGHTS - Navy, Blues, Purple, Gold

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