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Specialist Applications

Charge Hub Specialist EV Charging Applications

Specialist EV Charging Applications


Public AC Charging

AC Stations, used for open Public engagement, need to be solid and robust, weatherproof (rain and UV), and easy to use.  Ideally mounted on a stainless steel combi pole (to raise the Station off the ground), Type 2 socket/s, RFID reader, User-friendly LED indication, third party OCPP supported, 4G built-in modem with free (no ongoing cost) data connection.  For this application, the EVBox BusinessLine is perfect.


Solar Charging

Providing shade for vehicles and assets, together with low cost electricity towards fueling the Electric Vehicles held underneath, just makes a lot of good sense.  With Solar arrays that can be supplied up to 1000kW, Gross Space: 7550 m2, Number of Cars: 300, Energy Production: 930 MWh/year. Solar Charging.



Apartment/ Strata and Commercial applications, rely on fitting in and integrating with the existing infrastructure, together with a simple billing solution.  The Stations need options in single and three phase, tethered cable or socket, wall or pedestal mount, OCPP for Load Management, security RFID authentication and billing.  As well as Wi-Fi, 3/4G, Ethernet internet connection options.  Schneider EVLink Pro AC with LMS is ideal.

Bus Depot.png

Depot / Fleet

Charging in one location, for a fleet of a large number of Electric Vehicles, requires a very good strategy, together with reliable, quality, scalable HardwareDynamic Load Management and easy-to-use co-ordination software.  Considerations must take in port location, battery capacity and voltage requirements, distance travelled, time of day charging, available electrical capacity.  For Depot Charging, nobody does this better than Kempower, with their Depot Master ChargEye management tool.

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