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NSW Electric Vehicle  Ready Buildings Grant

EV Grant to assist eligible NSW apartment buildings by co-funding the assessment and installation of EV infrastructure upgrades

NSW Vehicle Ready Buildings Grant summary

EVBox Charging Station User
  • Key information

  • Status: Ongoing

  • Grant amount: Up to $80,000

  • Application opened: 17 October 2023

  • Closes: 


The NSW EV Ready Buildings Grants program will support over 125 residential strata apartment buildings across NSW to install electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in their carparks.  

The program will co-fund owners corporations to install the required electrical infrastructure to enable apartment residents to charge their vehicle at home.  This program aims to: 

  • accelerate the uptake of EVs among apartment residents 

  • create a range of exemplar EV ready buildings to help others take action 

  • provide fair and equitable access for residents to access EV charging at home, where it is estimated that 80-90% of EV owners will charge their vehicle 

  • increase the desirability of rental properties 

  • ensure widespread, world-class EV charging coverage in NSW. 


This program is funded and administered by Office of Energy and Climate Change.

Interpreting the Grant - Eligibility and Stages

Making buildings EV ready refers to the process of retrofitting an existing building with the electrical infrastructure needed to allow for EV charging.  It involves identifying:

  • The building’s maximum electricity demand – the maximum actual usage of electricity for the building.

  • The building’s electricity capacity – the maximum electricity the building can use before something in the building trips.

  • The number of charging points that may be installed – now and in the future.

  • The likely costs and funding sources.

  • The most optimal installation approach.

  • Any approvals that need to be granted.


It then involves potentially upgrading switchboards and installing distribution boards, cabling, load management systems and other electrical infrastructure.


  1.  Confirm your eligibility criteria:

  • Who can apply:
    • Registered residential strata schemes located in NSW that are classified as Class 2, and having 10 or more units and private off-street parking. 

    • Definition - Class 2 buildings are apartment buildings with multi (10 or more) residential (sole-occupancy) units, with private off-street parking.    

  • Who cant apply:

    • Strata schemes that are entirely commercial. 

    • Apartment buildings that are not a registered residential strata scheme.  

    • Non-class 2 buildings.   

    • Apartment buildings with less than 10 units. 

    • Apartment buildings with 4 or more chargers already installed. 

  2.  Projects Stages funded under this grant:

  • Co-funding in 2 stages: 

    • Stage 1 - Co-funds apartment buildings to conduct feasibility assessments for the installation of EV charging infrastructure.  

    • Stage 2 - Co-fund the installation of EV charging infrastructure for apartment buildings. 

  3.  Stage 1:

  • A Feasibility Study.  There are two paths open to you at this stage:

    1. Engage Charge Hub for $1,800 + GST to undertake a Assessment of your Site and provide you with a Report within two to three weeks in the format suitable for the NSW Government assessment team.  You submit our full Feasibility Study with your Stage 1 application.  The NSW Government team will assess this application and Feasibility study at now cost.

    2. Apply directly for the Stage 1 Grant.  The NSW Government will accept your application with 6 weeks, then allocate an independent consultant prior to the assessment commencing within 8 more weeks, which you must pay $2,000 + GST to directly.  The NSW Government will subsidise the remaining cost of the feasibility assessment on completion of the assessment.  

Applicants will be invited to apply for a Stage 2 Grant upon successful completion of a Stage 1 Grant. Stage 2 Grants are not available for applicants if they have not completed Stage 1. 

  4.  Stage 2:

  • ​The NSW Government will fund 80% towards the cost of retrofitting electrical infrastructure to make your building EV ready (capped at a total value of $80,000 ex-GST per application) 


  • Electrical infrastructure upgrades including: 


  • Funding may also cover up to 4 chargers per site, which must be available to all residents (i.e. located in common property locations such as visitor car spots). 

  • The NSW Government will also co-fund 50% towards the cost of software subscriptions for load management and shared charger billing usage capabilities for 2 years (capped at a total value of $1,200 ex-GST per application). This feature is optional. 

  5.  What you can't apply for:

  • Grants application costs 

  • Business case development or council approval costs 

  • Chargers that have already been purchased and/or installed 

  • Chargers for private/individual use 

  • Software subscriptions not listed on the EV charger software list (see note below)

  • Additional charging cables (EV drivers typically carry their own) 

  • Ongoing costs to operate or maintain electrical upgrades and/or charging systems 

  • Internet costs 

  • Electricity costs 

  • Insurance costs 

  • Salaries or staffing expenses.

Grant Guidelines:

See here the Funding Guidelines, Building Classifications and helpful Project Costing Tool:

Applying for the Grant - where to start

These are the recommended steps for progressing through the Grant:


  1.  Applying for Stage 1 of the Grant:

  • Steps and Stages:

  1. Once your Strata Committee has met and agrees that they met the are ready to proceed.  The Committee ideally appoints an EV Champion, who should Get in Touch and provide us with the contact details.
  2. Once we receive your details, we will connect you with our local Contractor Network, who will arrange a convenient time to meet you on site and conduct the required Survey.
  3. Once the Completed Survey is completed it will be sent to you, so that you can complete your Stage 1 Application, together with the other required evidence.  
  4. The NSW Government will respond after a period with a finalized feasibility assessment report and approval to proceed to Stage 2.
  5. Note that when we send you the Stage 1 Feasibility Study Report, we will also send you an initial budget quotation, with various options.  So that your Strata Committee can continue to stay engaged and informed.

  2.  Applying for Stage 2 of the Grant:

  • Steps and Stages: 


  1. With their approval, the NSW Government will provide you with a private link to apply for Stage 2 of the Grant.

  2. Once the NSW Government approval for Stage 2 has been received, then your Strata Committee should then meet to achieve final agreement on the various options presented to you, and agree on budget and project timeline.

  3. Your internal EV Champion should then get back in contact with us to request a formal quotation for your Stage 2 application.  As well as arrange for a second quotation from another contractor.

  4. You then submit your compliant Stage 2 quotation - together with other required evidence, via your private link to you, for the NSW Government approval.

    • Note that other evidence required is:

      • Completed stage 1 of the program.

      • You need to gather 2 x commercial quotes for the electrical infrastructure works.

      • Confirmation that EV charging infrastructure will be appropriately operated and maintained.

      • Confirmation that charging infrastructure will be accessible to all residents and tenants looking to install EV chargers.

      • Evidence of owners corporation approval for the installation of EV charging infrastructure.

      • Evidence of sufficient funds to complete the works (i.e. sufficient capacity in the Capital Works Fund).

      • Insurances: public liability, professional indemnity, workers compensation.

  5. Finally, your Stage 2 application is approved - ready to proceed!

Stage 1 Application Form:

Grant Specifics

  1.  Stage 1 Feasibility Study:

  • The feasibility assessment report will include:
    • An assessment of the building including detail of specific electrical requirements (such as recommended switchboard upgrades, space for additional cabling and smart charging/load management system requirements).
    • A suitability examination of the building that highlights potential challenges that may be faced during installation (such as capacity limitation of existing switchboards, physical space limitations of distribution boards, physical separation of apartments and their car spaces, cabling distances and access).
    • Any anticipated impact on electrical supply to site and/or impact on peak demand charges• user pays options
    • Visitor parking considerations.
    • Options for upgrading EV chargers including estimated costs and timings.
    • High-resolution photos of key areas (for example, distribution boards, car spaces and cable pathways).

  2.  Site Requirements for Stage 2:

  • To be eligible for stage 2 co-funding, a site must:

    • Have met the site requirements for Stage 1

    • Have a completed Stage 1 feasibility assessment which concludes with an approved feasibility assessment report with advice on how to proceed with Stage 2 works.

    • Provide a detailed project plan.

    • Provide at least 2 commercial quotes for the electrical infrastructure works.

    • Provide a commercial quote for the purchase of a 2-year subscription for approved smart software software list (not applicable).

    • Confirm charging infrastructure will meet the needs of residents currently looking to install EV chargers and maximise the number of resident car parking spots enabled for future charging installations.

    • For mixed use buildings, confirm the charging infrastructure will only service the residential parking area(s).

    • Confirm shared chargers meet EV charger technical requirements and will be accessible for all residents (if applicable).

    • Have received local council Development Approval (DA) for any shared chargers being installed (if applicable).

    • Implement a suitable billing solution for chargers (if applicable).

    • Commit to completing Stage 2 works within 12 months of executing the funding agreement.

    • Commit to undertake resident and owner opinion surveys prior to work commencing and at 6 and 12 months from the project completion.

    • Commit to completing data collection works within 12 months of finishing Stage 2 construction (if applicable).

  3.   Receipt of Funds from Stage 2:

  • Milestone 1 - Signing of funding agreement and provision of project documentation @ 10%

  • Milestone 2 - Completion of the project works and commissioning of the EV charging infrastructure @ 85%

  • Milestone 3 - Provision of survey and usage data 12 months post project completion @ 5%

NSW Approved EV Hardware List

The NSW Government has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Council to create a list of approved AC Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and EV charger software that is eligible for funding under the NSW Government co-funding programs. 

Applicants applying for Round 2 of the EV destination charging grants must select EV charger hardware from the NSW Government approved EV charger and software list.

Important Notes required to understand the NSW Government approved EV Charger List:

  • Power (kW) - A 7kW is a single phase, 32A station, a 22kW is a three phase, 32A station.

  • Charging Cable Type - AC stations come as either a socket or fixed 'tethered' cable.  A socket option is recommended for safety in Public accessible applications.  The EVBox BusinessLine comes in a socket version only.

  • Eligible software supported by EV charger - Please ignore this, as these are only the software applications that the EV Council has evaluated by invitation of the NSW Govt approx. one year ago.  See Software below.

  • Supplier Name - Ignore this, as it is somewhat misleading.  It is the Hardware that has been approved.  Naming the original submitter does not mean that only that company can supply that hardware.

Manufacturer & Model
NSW Govt Price (excl GST)
Part Number
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Sat, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Hub, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Sat, Single Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
22kW, Three Phase, 32A, Hub, Single Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Sat, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Hub, Double Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Sat, Single Socket
EVBox BusinessLine
7.4kW, Single Phase, 32A, Hub, Single Socket

EVBox BusinessLine Table Notes:

  • The first EVBox BusinessLine station installed on site is a Hub.  This contains the modem and controller for all other Stations.  All other Stations installed on site are Satellites (Sat).   A Hub/Sat configuration will be able to share one SIM card and coordinate Load Management.

  • The NSW Govt Price includes the Combi Pole for the Double Stations and Wall Mounting Box for the Single Stations. 

  • Freight is additional.  Depending on location, allow for approx. $55 + GST per single station, and $110 + GST per double station.  Note that the freight cost can be added to the Installation quote for your Grant application.

Schneider AC Pro Notes:

  • Note the NSW Government has not updated their approved list for over 12 months.  Meanwhile, Schneider has released their superior AC Pro range, that supersedes the EVLink Wallbox - which is on the Approved List.  The Schneider AC Pro could still be put forward to the Grant stage 2, as it meets the product criteria on Page 20 of the Grant Guidelines.

NSW Approved EV Software List

Connecting OCPP Software to your EV Charging Stations is always recommended.  Specifically for the purposes of:

  • Remote monitoring and Driver support

  • Monitoring of and reporting on usage

  • Providing authentication, so that you know who is using your station/s

  • Providing a billing option, to recover costs of Drivers using your station/s

  • Hands-off management of optimum use of the Station.  No need for you or your staff to manage.

Important Note:

Unfortunately, the NSW Approved EV Software List was last updated over 12 months ago.  Meaning, that Charge Hub have not had the opportunity to be included in the Approved List for Round 2.  However, we still meet the criteria for software on page 20 of the Grant Guidelines.

In short, if your application doesn't receive the full $1,200 funding offered for the software component, then we discount the software offered to by the $1,200 + GST.

Normal Public Access subscription cost is $150 + GST per socket per annum.

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