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Electric Car Charging Station

Station User Instructions

Steps on how to use AC (7.4kW or 22kW) EV Charging Stations:

Step 1: Open or Download the Charge Hub App from your App Store and set up an Account, complete with your chosen payment method.  See ( if you require assistance.


Step 2: With the App open, plug in the Station cable, or plug in your own Type 2 to Type 2 Charging Cable, into your vehicle and the Station.  Make sure that the plug is fully pushed in.
Step 3:  Start your Charging Session via the Charge Hub App (, or by tapping your Charge Hub RFID Card on the RFID Sensor located on the front of the Station.  You can order a complimentary RFID Card or Tag via the App or website.
Step 4: To finish your Charging Session, stop via the Charge Hub App, RFID Card, or your vehicle console.  Remove the cable.

Step 5: If payment was required to use the Station, then Charge Hub will automatically bill your payment method and email you a receipt.

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Have a Great Day!

24/7 Support: AUS 1300 986 767 or NZ 0800 608 138

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