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Intelligent Charging

Supporting the optimum Electric Vehicle Charging experience, every time that you plug in.

Our Mission

To provide our Users with an exceptional Electric Vehicle charging experience, every time.  This involves providing high-quality, well-designed, certified hardware that is carefully specified and installed by professionals.  We will ensure that your charging infrastructure is supported, monitored and maintained effectively.  Whist connected to integrated, intelligent, intuitive, secure and scalable agnostic software.


Choosing the right EV Charging Hardware largely revolves around balancing four important factors:

  1. Dwell Time (maximum length of time expected to charge);

  2. Available Electrical Capacity;

  3. Budget/Expected ROI, and; 

  4. Suitability of the selected Product.

At Charge Hub, we offer a professional long-term partnership to guide you in selecting and implementing the very best product for your particular situation.  Our commitment ensures ongoing support and scalability, both now and into the future.


To ensure a seamless and stress-free charging experience for EV Drivers, careful attention must be given to providing easy and secure access.  This involves deploying high-quality, well-installed Charging Hardware paired with a good internet connection.  The hardware should be seamlessly connected to an intuitive EV Network App that is linked with the driver's vehicle, calendar, a secure RFID card, and an encrypted payment network. Additionally, the station control should be facilitated through a mature OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) integrated with capacity measurements from the local electrical network and the vehicle for effective Load Management. This comprehensive system should be reinforced with robust predictive diagnostics and reporting functionality, along with 24/7 call center support.

Charge Hub offer all of this, and more!


See here some examples of our specialist EV Charging Applications:

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We will work with you, as a long term partner.

The uptake of Electric Vehicles has only just begun. Our commitment is to work with you throughout this journey, as a dedicated long-term partner, starting from the very first engagement.  Our aim is to assist you in selecting the most suitable hardware for your application,
connected to software for visibility, billing, and load management. We will ensure that you and your organisation are well-prepared to adapt and scale over time, if and when required.

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Nationwide coverage, across Australia and New Zealand.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

AUS: 1300 98 67 67

NZ: 0800 608 138

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