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EVBox Elvi

Stylish, robust AC Charger for Apartment/Home

Stylish, robust and easy to use

The EVBox Elvi offers a good looking, easy to use and straightforward (European) EV charging experience for Apartments and Homes. Offering single phase 7.4kW, and three phase - 11kW or 22kW.  Either Type 2 Socket or 6m Tethered Cable.  The EVBox Elvi comes with a built-in MID-certified meter, as well as (free) 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.  Simple to commission and connect.  Able to connect to third party OCPP management systems (such as Charge Hub), it can be easily set up for billing (payments) and load management.  Comes with 3 years Warranty, and Lifetime connectivity.

Manufactured in The Netherlands / Ukraine

Note: Charge Hub are a direct Sales Partner with EVBox, Netherlands. Not just a Reseller.

Key benefits

Charging made easy

Plug in to charge, and unplug to drive. EVBox Elvi makes charging as easy as possible by connecting with Charge Hub, managing who can use the Station via RFID authentication, setting the charging price - if required, with clear LED indicator showing up to date status.

  • Remote engagement via the Charge Hub app

  • Compatible with most electric vehicles

  • Access to charging history, at your fingertips

Safe and solid by design

The original Apartment/Home charging station is one of the most sold charging stations worldwide. EVBox have continuously improved its design so you know you can rely on EVBox Elvi to keep your car and home safe.

  • 100,000+ EVBox Elvis sold worldwide

  • New and enhanced 4th generation design

  • Quality proven by DEKRA

A truly versatile charging solution

With flexible configurations, a MID-certified meter, RFID reader, OCPP third party software connectivity (to connect to Charge Hub), EVBox Elvi is a truly versatile solution for both private and lease cars.

  • MID-certified meter for employee reimbursement

  • Compatible with 3rd party software

  • Upgradable up to 22 kW with interchangeable cables

Key features

Tried and tested

With a new and improved design used across thousands of homes worldwide, you can rely on EVBox Elvi for a fully charged EV and a safe charging environment.

Remote Assistance

Our Charge Hub customer support team can assist you without needing to dispatch a field technician.

Compatible with smart charging

EVBox Elvi is compatible with dynamic load balancing solutions that safely balance the energy usage between a customer’s charging station and other on-site appliances.

Easily Upgradeable

With fixed cable or socket-only versions, and a cable holder to prevent wear and tear, EVBox Elvi comes in a range of configurations to make charging work for you.

Automatic reimbursement

Thanks to the optional MID-certified meter, EVBox Elvi makes it easy to reimburse charging costs via a connected software backend.

Set maximum amperage

Get the most out of your charging sessions without having to upgrade your meter board by setting the maximum amperage that EVBox Elvi can consume.

Technical Specification

Charging Capacity:

  • 7.4kW, 11kW and 22 kW

Number of Connectors:

  • One (1)

Connector Type:

  • 6m Cable (Type 2).  Type 2 Socket (22kW only)

Output Power:

  • 230 V – 415 V, 16 A and 32 A

Temperature Range:

  • -25°C to +50°C

Electrical Protection:

  • 30 mA AC / 6 mA DC CCID

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Fixed Cable - 11 kg (max.) 328 x 186 x 161 mm

  • Socket - 3 kg (max.) 328 x 186 x 219 mm


  • S-Bus MID certified class B


  • OCPP 1.6J (third party open)


  • Autostart (no internet connection required), Keyfob, RFID Card

Load Management:

  • Managed via EVBox Smart Charging additional device/s

Standard Colours:

  • Polar White or Misty Black


  • Wall or Pedestal mounted


  • Australian standard compliant, CB and UL


  • Configurable with EVBox Connect App

  • IP55, IK10 (IEC 60529)


Warranty: 3 Years - can be extended to 5 Years

Elvi Polar White Front View
Elvi Polar White Pole Sideview


For more information on the EVBox Elvi:

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