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A handy guide to assist with issues commonly experienced when using an EV Charging Station:

Downloading the App and setting up an Account

  • Tip - Make sure that you set up your Charge Hub  Account via the App, and not trying to do this by subscribing via the website.

  • Question - I have set up my Account, but have not received the confirmation email as yet.  

    • Assuming that may not have made an accidental spelling error with your email address.  If not, then check your spam folder.  If you haven't received the confirmation within 5 mins, then click on 'reset password'.  The system will then send you another email.

  • Question - I cant find the App in the App Store.

    • Note that there is another EV network called ChargeHub in the US and Canada.  For this reason our App is not available in those countries.  Or on mobile accounts that are registered in those countries.

Can't find my Station on the App

  • If the station that you would like to charge at is not appearing on the App map, then check your filters. 

    • From the App map, click on the funnel symbol on the bottom right.  Then click on the red 'Reset Filters'.  The Location should now appear on the map.

The Station wont start charging

  • Assuming that you have followed the process correctly from the start, i.e., downloaded the App, set up an Account with your chosen valid payment method, plugged your vehicle into the station, found the station location on the App map, identified the port number that you want to charge at, clicked on that port number on the App, then slid the 'Swipe to Start'  lightning bolt at the bottom of the screen from left to right with your thumb.  If you have got this far, and the station still won't start charging, then it is usually one of five potential causes:

  1. If using an EVBox AC Station, with your own charging cable into a socket, then sometimes the charging plug and socket can be a tight fit.  Ensure that your plug is fully pushed into the socket.

  2. If charging at a Tritium station, then these are set up to allow approx. 4 mins for you to authenticate your session once you have plugged in.  If you have received a 302 or 303 error message, then place the charging plug back into the station holster, to let it reset, then start the process again.  If you see an error 188, then check that the emergency stop button hasn't been pushed in and left.  Twist to release.

  3. If charging at a station in an underground carpark, you may experience a weak internet connection.  Plug your vehicle in, then go upstairs to find a better reception and start your session from there.

  4. Very occasionally the system can take 10 to 15 mins to set up your Account and communicate the credentials and Identifier across the various connected platforms.  In this case, give it 10 mins and try again.

Issues when stopping a charging session

  • Several common issues may occur when trying to stop your charging session:

  1. AC Stations with Sockets - Whilst your vehicle is charging, both your vehicle and the charging station will lock your charging cable in place with a locking mechanism.  We advise to give the charger a couple of seconds to do its thing once you have stopped the session.  If you try to remove the cable from the socket a little prematurely, then the locking mechanism and cable may get stuck together, making it hard for you to remove your cable.  If this happens, push the plug back firmly into the socket of the station (and your vehicle) and start another charging session.  Once the session is started, then stop it.  This should hopefully free up your cable again.

Happy Charging!

24/7 Support: AUS 1300 986 767 or NZ 0800 608 138

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