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Driver App - Account Creation

Step-by-step Guide to create and Account on the Charge Hub App

If you are unsure on how to set up an EV Driver Account on the Charge Hub App.  We are here to help.  Follow these intuitive step-by-step instructions:

Screenshot_20230316-140700_Charge Hub.jpg

Download the App from your App Store.  Then open.

Screenshot_20230316-140840_Charge Hub.jpg

Enter your first and last name, and email address. Click on 'Create Account'.


Create and confirm your password.  Save.

Screenshot_20230316-141352_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on 'Allow Location Access', so that the App can provide you with suggested charging locations.

Screenshot_20230316-141436_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on 'Connect' to sync the App with your calendar, for smarter charging.  

Screenshot_20230316-141653_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on 'Continue' once your Payment Method is entered and accepted.  

Screenshot_20230331-222240_Charge Hub.jpg

The final Step is to connect an RFID Card, if you haven't done so already.  Open the App, top menu, press 'Charging Cards'.

Screenshot_20230316-140707_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on 'Register'.

Screenshot_20230316-140923_Charge Hub.jpg

Either go to your email account, or click on 'Open Email App'.


You will taken back to the App login page.  Click on 'Login'.

Screenshot_20230316-141403_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on 'Allow Notifications', so that the App can inform you about your charging sessions.

Screenshot_20230316-141449_Charge Hub.jpg

Connect your Payment Method.  Click on 'CreditCard'.

Screenshot_20230316-141841_Charge Hub.jpg

First Step done!!

Click on 'Continue', to into the App. 

Screenshot_20230331-220212_Charge Hub.jpg

Add a physical RFID Card (if you have been sent one), or select 'Request Charging Card'.

Screenshot_20230316-140720_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on 'Register without RFID Code'


Find the email sent to you, then click on 'Activate your Account'.

Screenshot_20230316-141338_Charge Hub.jpg

Accept both the 'User T&Cs' and 'Privacy Policy'.  Click on them to read them. 

Screenshot_20230316-141415_Charge Hub.jpg

Click on 'Add my Vehicle'.  Choose from the long list of OEM and Models available.


Connect Google or Apple Pay, an already set up Link Account, or enter your credit card details.


Note that you may also receive an email from Stripe to verify your Link Account.

Screenshot_20230331-220221_Charge Hub.jpg

To charge immediately, select a 'Virtual Card'.  Once complete, then you are now all set and ready to go. 

Well done!

Order your complimentary Charge Hub RFID Card!


Driver FAQs

Q - I am not able to start a charging session, after downloading the App.

A - Note that you mast have set up - 1, Your personal details, 2, Payment method, and 3, An RFID Card - physical or virtual.  Go back and make sure that you haven't missed a step.  If you are still having trouble, then call us.


Q - Why am I seeing VAT, instead of GST, on the App?

A - Note the the App picks up your Phone settings.  If your phone is set to English Australia or English New Zealand, then you will see 'GST'.  If set to English UK, then you will see 'VAT'.

Q - Why are the charging prices, on the App, not in my local currency?

A - The default is AUD (Australian Dollars), as that is where we are based.  If your App is not showing your local currency, then we need to transfer your Account to your country or region, in our system.  Fill in your address and country, the send us a message, and we will get onto it straight away.  Note that once done, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the App, to see the change.

Q - Why are some of the per kWh and per min prices to charge on some of the Charging Stations, shown on the App, so expensive?

A - We can only relay what each EV Network provider, that we are connected to, has set up.  If they have made an error, then this will show..

Please contact us through the below form, if you have any further questions.

Nationwide coverage, across Australia and New Zealand.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

AUS: 1300 98 67 67

NZ: 0800 608 138

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